About Company

About Company
GISTOL is committed to provide a reliable and quality services at a competitive cost .Our Professional as well as technical staff are well experienced in the scientific, engineering and Environmental Technology.
GISTOL specializes in providing value added trustworthy consultancy services and complete execution of projects in the following fields :-
  • Environmental  Impact Analysis and Feasibility studies
  • Groundwater Hydrological studies with respect to resource evaluation, monitoring and implementation
  • Remote Sensing and GIS in Groundwater Studies.
  • Geophysical Application in Groundwater Studies
  • Water Recycling and Treatment System.
  • Soil Investigation with respect to Agricultural Properties such as Soil Nutrient Analysis.
  • Groundwater Quality Analysis with respect to Drinking, Irrigational, Industrial as well as Construction suitability.
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment,
  • Industrial Pollution Control,
  • Water Use Planning and Management.
  • Urban and Rural Infrastructures.
  • Impact Analysis of Soil, Water and Vegetation. 

To provide consultancy services in the scientific, engineering , planning and Development of Infrastructures with the growing urbanization.
The strength of GISTOL lies in its exposure to multi disciplinary environment and vast projects handling experience. 
Our main service includes Hydrogeological studies and Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Program. Groundwater Pollution with Respect to Agriculture, Irrigation, Industrial and Domestic as well as Municipal Purposes. We also provide Conventional and Non Conventional Water treatment System, Water Recycling and Water Reuse Pattern Analysis. Rainwater Harvesting System as Well as artificial Recharging of Groundwater and Groundwater Treatment System.
Apart from these we also deals with the Soil Investigation and foundation Engineering,  Structural  Design , Urban Planning, Land Scaping, Physical Planning as well as Regional Planning.